Thursday 14 October 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Risk Something, Take Back What's Yours


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It's Thursday, this is Dora Reads, let's get some superhero-y, comics-y goodness!

Film Trailers

Some more li'l trailers for Marvel's The Eternals!

(Warning: flashing images, general violence)

TV Shows

It's here! Yours truly's thoughts and (in)accurate summaries of the What If...? finale - episode 9: What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?


(Warning: general discussions of violence, murder, zombies, etc. 

There's also some adult humour/references, because they brought Captain Carter back and I'm very Queer)

Summary, Part 1:

Strange: Really? These guys?

The Watcher:
None of the multiversal Carol Danvers’s were available – but on the plus side, these guys are strangely terrifying in a way not even I comprehend

Strange: *surveys band of misfits with trepidation* ...OK. You may have a point.

General Thoughts:


Honestly, though, Watcher, these aren’t the best heroes from the multiverse, are they? They’re the ones you remember cos you were watching them recently - with us. 

I see you, don’t think I don’t. 😉

I mean... the Killmonger who killed Stark and T'Challa, Watcher, really?

He was never a good choice my dude. Never a good choice. (And I don't believe you planned for his betrayal - I think you're covering your a** on that one.)

Luckily, sending him back to the moment in time at which he left means Pepper and Shuri are still gonna get him 😎

And fratboy Thor?

He had one goddamn job. And yes, he f**ked it up.

Bringing the evil monster-munching Doctor Strange worked surprisingly well, I will grant you that.

He's gonna find a way to eat the pocket dimension with the infinity stones, though. #JustSaying.

I was literally thinking, while watching, that they really needed zombie!Wanda to deal with this, and then there she is! 

Plus, Strange literally dropped the zombie universe on Ultron’s head, and I would like to thank the writers for reminding me of how much crack fanfiction they’ve read.

(They're definitely reading the crack fics, OK? You can't convince me otherwise at this point.)

(Fandom notes: crack fics are especially bizarre and random fanfiction, often surreal and downright batsh**.)

Also, Captain Carter’s face when Strange goes mystic-nuclear, is mega-lol! 

She’s like, ‘that’s it, that’s the tentacle bi**h that got me into this mess!’ 

(Also, dammit Marvel – tentacles again?! Fandom will do things, Marvel. Things.)

Speaking of Captain Carter... she and her universe's Widow are def. hooking up. #JustSaying

I know, I know, Marvel don't like to admit that a tonne of their characters are, in fact, Queer af.

But they're at least friends-with-benefits. 

There's no way they're anything else, because Natasha's about ready to launch herself at Carter 85% of the time - not that I blame her. There is a level of sexiness present here that you just can't ignore 😅😎

Summary, Part 2:

Carter: WTF is up with the tentacles my dude?

Um… love. Totes love. Nothing to do with eating a bunch of super-dimensional beings

Carter: Uh-huh.

Other Stuff

Superman's son, former Superboy and current Superman, Jon Kent, is Bisexual!

Looks like the plan is to actually use the label Bisexual, as well as giving him a beautiful M/M romance with a reporter.

And it's so lovely that a lot of people are really supportive on this! Totally awesome.

If you want to check out my opinions on Tim Drake (one of the Robins from Batman - yes, there are several of them,) Coming Out as Queer, and the automatic assumption that he's Bi, check out my Medium article here, or the original Twitter thread here.

And as a reminder - he may very well be Bisexual, but the writer has specifically said he's not ready to label things yet, which is important representation in its own right. 

Also, Queer people can disagree on the IDs of fictional characters, and it's OK to have differing opinions - weird, I know. 💖

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The awesome Kit @ Metaphors and Moonlight reviewed cute M/M graphic novel Life of Melody by Mari Costa

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I managed to fit both Marvel and Umbrella Academy fanfiction into last week's Fics Fix rec-post about Queer horror fics. Because I can 😉

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And to end, as is traditional, with even more shameless self-promo:

You can check out my not-so accurate summary of episode 8 of What If...? (What If... Ultron Won?) on Medium here, and my general thoughts on that episode on Medium here.

Or you can see all of that right here on Dora Reads in last week's Comics Wrap-Up

Are you looking forward to The Eternals?

Have you seen the finale of What If...?

Talk to me! 😃💬

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  1. I just loved how everything came full circle in What If? I was so happy to see my fave Gamora, and to revisit Captain Carter. Overall, it was a satisfying conclusion.

    1. Yup - it was pretty cool. I also loved the way The Watcher went to get Gamora and was like, 'Not you Stark, the adults are talking.' Lol!


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