Thursday 7 October 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - What You Build, You Lay To Waste


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It's Thursday, it's October, this is Dora Reads, let's get some superhero-y comics-y goodness!

TV Trailers

I know very little about Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, but the trailer for this Netflix adaptation of the graphic novels looks pretty cool:

(Warning: flashing images, ritualistic self-harm, blood, cult/occult sh**)

Film Trailers

Some new, action-packed, little trailers for Marvel's The Eternals:

(Warning: flashing images, general violence)

TV Shows

A look at the penultimate episode (ep 8) of Marvel's What If..? - What If... Ultron Won? with my (in)accurate summaries and general thoughts


Summary, Part 1:

Watcher: That’s it – that file there

Clint: *browses files*

Watcher: a little further…

Clint: *pauses, slows*

It’s. Right. There.

 *Pulls box out*

Watcher: YES!

Clint: *Stops, puts box back in*


What’s the point?


Natasha: Lemme check

Oh thank the multiverse

General Thoughts:

This may be highly surprising to you, dearest nerdlets, but I actually make notes while I'm watching What If...? so that I remember what I wanted to say when I come to write these posts.

Most of my notes for this episode are variations on 'oh, sh**!' - which, while an accurate and understandable response to a lot of this ep., isn't that handy when it comes to talking about it to you fine people.

(Dammit past Cee! Make better notes!)

This episode was... a lot.

It was a lot.

There was a lot of stuff going on, and, to put it bluntly, sh** went down. 

Suddenly we've got callbacks to previous episodes and a through-arc and the fate of the multiverse at risk.

So yeah, it's a lot.

One thing I did not understand - and this may very well be me missing something - is that if Ultron has destroyed everything and is 'alone' in the universe... how the f**k are Clint and Nat still faffing around Russia?

Like, did they get especially lucky?

Or are there other survivors which we just haven't heard about because we don't have the time?

Also Thanos' death?


Like, Thanos is a genocidal d*ck, but still... that's nasty. That's just deeply unpleasant, right there.

But even that wasn't the biggest 'oh sh**' moment - not for me at least.

Nope, for me it was when he beat Carol.

Cos if he beats Carol... the rest of the multiverse is f**ked, I'm sorry. It's true. 

Unless you can get a bunch of other multiversal Carols - which might be smarter than getting the Doctor Strange who ate a freaking gnome, but I get that you're desparate, Watcher, so you do you.

Summary, Part 2:

Zola: Why would I help you?

Natasha: I-'unno – the shiggles?

Other Stuff

Last week's Friday Fics Fix was a The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) love story because... I don't need a reason!

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If you want to see what I thought of episode 7 of Marvel's What If...? - What If... Thor Were An Only Child? then you can check out my summary on Medium here, and my general thoughts on Medium here.

Or you can read all of that in last week's Comics Wrap-Up post, right here on Dora Reads

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And to end, as is traditional, with yet more shameless self-promo: you can catch up on all my superhero-related posts (as well as my other posts,) from September in my month-end post here.

Do you know more about The Sandman than I do (not difficult)?

Have you seen episode 8 of Marvel's What If..?

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'What you build, you lay to waste' is from In Pieces* by Linkin Park

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  1. I thought episode 8 was really rough. I felt so bad for the watcher. Ultron sucks!!!

    1. I know, right? And this, Tony, is why we *don't build killer robots*! Argh! ;)


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