Wednesday 6 October 2021

Month in Review(s) - September 2021


September was... like a see-saw.

...And yes, I partly mean that it had ups-and-downs.

September - Medi

But I'm thinking more of the feeling when you hit the 'down' part and your feet hit the concrete, and you can feel it in your jaw, y'know? 

And then when you go back up, your sinuses can't keep up and your nose feels kinda stuffy?

And your hands end up smelling of the metal where the paint's flaked away?

It's one of those see-saws that looks more like a pommel-horse, y'know?

September felt like that. To me.

And yes, I realise how randomly specific this is.

So, September was full of migraines and general headaches.

Which sucks.

And means that I once again didn't write all the posts I wanted to here at Dora Reads, although I'm quite pleased with what I did manage to get down.

But it was also my birthday month!

Which is good, obv.

And thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday! Love you!

If anyone wants to get me a late birthday present - absolutely and genuinely no pressure - then you can buy me a coffee here.

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So that's my September. How was yours?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I definitely relate to September being a see-saw. I hope we both feel more balanced soon!

    1. I'm not sure *I* know what I meant, so I'm glad someone does! Lol. Hope things all work out :) <3


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