Friday 20 May 2022

Friday Fics Fix - For Stucky Purposes


'He promised more details when they weren’t running for their lives, and Bucky was damn well going to hold him to that. Because this kind of stuff didn’t just happen to people.'

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One of the many, many, things I love about fanfiction is the breadth of the writing.

Fanfic writers are as varied and diverse a group as you're likely to find - which means the range of the stuff they write is incredible.

...which, while all 100% true, is something I'm bringing up here because I'm rationalising bringing you a fic from the same fandom two weeks in a row 😅

But - BUT! - this fic is so different to last week's that it feels like they're from different fandoms entirely!

(...and if that still didn't convince you, then I'll remind you that it's my blog, so I get pick the fanfiction 😅)

So yes, this fic is very firmly set in the MCU (the Marvel movies etc.,) with Bucky Barnes and Captain America.

But this fic, unlike last week's contemporary college-ness, is beautiful and tragic Queer historical fiction, which works with the existing canon to... well, Gay it the f**k up.

...And isn't that what fanfiction is really for, at the end of the day? 😅

(Fandom notes: 

canon = the 'official' stuff in the book/film/series/whatever)

So, this is the point where I inform you that there's MCU SPOILERS throughout both the fic and this blogpost.

...Mostly for the first Captain America film, but some other stuff might slip in here or there.

The fic itself is was written in 2014, (internet ancient! *gasp*) so there's a whole bunch of characters, plotlines, and shenanigans that are perfectly safe from spoilerage.

If you're still on the very early Marvel movies, though, beware of SPOILERS.


Cast your mind back, back, back, my dearest darling nerdlets, to the year... (*Googles*) ...2011! And the first Captain America film!

As a refresher, because a lot of sh** has gone down since then, both fictionally and IRL, here's my plot summary (toldja - SPOILERS!):

  • Steve and Bucky grow up in 1920s and 1930s Brooklyn, it's rough, it's tough, and it's a difficult place for two 'good friends' to grow up (...they're Gay, Harold. But Disney and Marvel will never allow this.)

  • Flash-forward to the 1940s. And Steve is a murder muffin who wants to go fight for his country. Problem is he's medically unfit. Bucky isn't, and gets his a** shipped out to Europe.

  • After striking out at every recruitment centre he goes to, the army offers Steve medical experimentation. To which Steve, a patented Disaster Gay, says, 'Hell yeah! Sounds like fun!'

Steve sighing
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  • He ends up becoming a super-soldier from a super-soldier serum (as you do.) But, due to murder complications, the creator of the serum is dead - leaving Steve as the only source of super-soldier-ness.

  • The army doesn't wanna risk their hunk of blonde American beef, so he ends up on tour with a floor show, performing as 'Captain America!' (woo!)

  • While on tour with said floor show, entertaining the not-entertained troops, Steve hears that Bucky's unit, or troop or regiment or whatever it is, was captured, presumed dead.

  • Steve saves his true love, Bucky, from where he's being held as a POW by a sub-group of Nazis called Hydra.

Steve and Bucky walking together in slow-motion
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  • Steve is now a real soldier and does real soldier-y things with his Bucky by his side, right up until a raid on a train results in Bucky falling down a mountain in the Alps. Dead presumption #2 for the Bucky-bear.

  • Some other stuff happens in the film, but for Stucky purposes, we're done with this movie.

...honestly, Marvel would be lucky to have me 😅

(Fandom notes:

Stucky is a sexual and/or romantic relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.)

So, this fic is set during and just after Bucky's rescue from Hydra.

It's well-written, tragic, beautiful, and chock-full of internalised Homophobia (so be careful!)

So obviously, when I come across well-written fanfiction I have no choice: I must rec. 

These are the rules. *nods sagely*

Some Content Warnings for this:

- war
- general violence
- medical experimentation
- Prisoners of War
- torture
- reactions to trauma
- internalised Homophobia
- some explicit sexy-times always, be careful, because I may've forgotten something!

This week's fic then, is:

We'll Be Fine, We're Fine, We're Fine, We're Fine by TheAutotheist

Do you have any recs of fics from other fandoms?
Or this fandom? Why not? Lol.
Is my summary of Captain America: The First Avenger accurate?
Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. Your summary of Captain America: the First Avenger is spot on! Right down to "hunk of blonde American beef" lol! I'll give this one a read! I think the historical fiction aspect of it will be interesting.

    1. Ha, thanks - I have no idea what kind of weird mood I was in when I wrote this! Lol. :)

      Hope you enjoy! :)


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