Wednesday 6 July 2022

Month In Review(s) - June 2022


(Warning: this post discusses Covid 19, grief, mental health problems, and panic attacks)

June was horrible.

I'm not going to sugar-coat it - June sucked.

For those who don't know, at the very end of May I caught Covid after going to a My Chemical Romance concert (they do rock, though #JustSaying) - and it took me most of June to feel even half-way to human again.

I had ten full days of feeling like absolute hell - and the time since has been spent recovering.

'June - Mehefin' with a bright sun-shape

Do NOT listen to people who call this mild.

The only way I'd refer to it as 'mild' is if you mean 'I didn't end up in hospital' - which, thank God that I'm triple-vaxxed because honestly, I'm not sure I would've stayed out of hospital otherwise.

If by 'mild' you mean 'like a cold,' or 'feeling a bit off,' or 'not feeling good but being semi-able to function,' then NO.

No, it is NOT mild.

Wear your masks. 

Wash your hands. 

Keep up social distancing where possible.

Oh, and don't vape or smoke in people's goddam faces - the stats might be undecided on whether it increases the risk of spreading Covid or not, but it's pretty damn rude over all. 

Generally, vaping or smoking in the middle of a concert crowd is rude af, because there's nowhere to go to get away from it, and short people like yours truly (I'm a little over 5ft,) end up stuck in dips of smoke and vape cloud.

And yes, people decided to smoke and vape directly at me and in my face in My Chem (not the first time, sure it won't be the last - something about me attracts a**holes); which may just be a coincidence, but if so it was a hugely rude and annoying one.

Argh! People!

(OK, I'll stop moaning about smoking and vaping now, sorry! 😅)

Aside from the Covid itself, I also managed to have massive adrenaline spikes/panic attacks while I was ill.

Which... adrenaline spikes and panic attacks are not fun.

Panic attacks when you can't even-out your breathing because you're all stuffed up and having coughing fits? Are one of the circles of hell.

And that's before you take into account that June was the one-year anniversary of my Nan's death.

So, yeah, 'struggling' is a good word for it!

Still, any month you can walk away from is a good month (and I think we've learned in the past few years not to set the bar much higher than that)!

Anywho, due to all of that, I posted very little in June.

I'm hoping to pick things up a bit in July, without doing that whole exhaustion-burnout-overwork mental health nightmare thing that I do 😅

Wish me luck!

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...I'm kind of touched that you, my dearest nerdlets, seemed to care most about how I was doing this month, since the 3 most popular posts all involved me talking about having Covid -

- You're all so sweet! 😍😍😍

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And that was June! Thank God it's over!

How was yours? 😅💬

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  1. You poor little muffin, that's all just miserable! I dearly hope that July is a wonderful month for you in compensation. <3

    1. You're so sweet!

      Thank you - I hope your July is awesome! :) <3

  2. We've already had this conversation but damn...concerts can be so fun in the moment but can leave us with some nasty parting gifts! I totally agree with everything you said. So many people have been excusing this as "just a cold," and while people experience symptoms differently, my asthma-suffering family all got it horribly, and are still feeling after affects. To excuse this virus perpetuates people not taking precautions seriously.

    Anywho, I'm really glad that you are out of the thick of COVID, and I'm proud of you for getting through June despite all its hurdles. I guess all we can hope for right now is to move onwards and upwards, so I sincerely wish you a better July!

    1. Thanks Em!

      And yeah... hardly anyone's wearing a mask any more, and the numbers are super-high *sighs* - I don't understand people.

      Have the best July you can Em! Hope you and your family feel as good as you can as soon as you can!

  3. Oh, yes, your June majorly sucked. What an awful combination. And it's a shame that you had to pay the price for finally enjoying a concert. I hope you keep improving and your July will be panic-attack-free!


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