Friday 23 September 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Whether Flesh or Cybernetic

'Sam nods anyway. “Okay. That’s fine. How ‘bout we use the door though, stead of charging through the window, huh?”

Bucky blinks. Door?' 

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I am still very much The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) trash.

What can I say? The fanfiction's just that good 😅

In fairness, this fic checked so many of my 'gimme the fic!' boxes:

  • Author I've previously read and loved

  • Novel-length

  • So. Much. Angst.

  • Bucky Barnes + So. Much. Angst.

  • Bucky Barnes + Sam Wilson trying to protect Bucky from So. Much. Angst.

  • Sam Wilson essentially going all Papa-Bear on Bucky's behalf

  • Moments of lightness and humour to make sure it's not all doom and gloom

  • Intriguing 'what is going on?' moments

  • Finding the things that get you through the sh** times, and holding onto them with both hands - whether flesh or cybernetic.

Sam: What's going on in that cyborg brain of yours? Bucky: You don't wanna know.
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...How was I supposed to resist this?

The only way it could've tempted me more is if the author threw in some SamBucky (this fic is friendship, not romance.)

It was perfect for my often Bucky-Barnes-centric emo goblin spaghetti brain.

(Fandom notes:

SamBucky is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.)

Quite a lot of Content Warnings for this one:

- torture

- abduction

- medical experimentation

- being drugged

- violence

- electrocution

- suicide attempt

- suicidal thoughts

- self-harm

- blood

- hallucinations

- loss of autonomy

- serious injury

- re-traumatising

- References to:

    - people trafficking

    - drug smuggling

    - arms smuggling

    - MMIW (link CW)

    - racism

    - grief

    - serious accidents

    - past trauma

    - assassins

    - murder

...I think that's everything, but there is a lot going on in this fic, so please be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

Fixing On the Day by LivingProof

Are you a fan of novel-length fanfiction?

Does this sound like one you'd read?

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. I'll never stop talking about TFATWS either. I know the show is very much over and got mixed reviews but I thought it was fantastic.

    It's interesting to me that this fic references MMIW. It's good to hear that ppl are talking about this issue, and I am curious how the author wove it into fanfic.

    1. I actually (in my Welsh, white-girl, opinion) found the MMIW reference to be done very well - it wasn't a focus of the main story at all, and neither was it meant to be. But it seemed to be an opportunity that the fic author took to include and acknowledge real-world problems as part of the plot mechanics and development - but it didn't feel forced or performative either. (Again, imo.)


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