Wednesday 14 September 2022

Poetry: The Girl on Stage

This poem was first published in the Medium publication The Brain Is A Noodle (TBIAN), for the prompt 'What do you feel when you or your favourite musicians are on stage?' set by Lucy Dan (editor of TBIAN)

The Girl on Stage

Silhouetted girl in the spotlight

That girl on stage

is a natural.
Never seen such a
in someone
as when that girl
gets up on stage.

“Isn’t she so quiet,

But when she’s there,
up on stage…
It’s like she’s a different person!
Who’d have thought
— that girl can act!
as though she really were
the character.
— that girl can sing!
who’d’ve thought?
A different person

(Or maybe just
the same girl.
Clothed in the words
of a play,
of a song.
All the heart
is her.
…Do you see her

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