Friday 28 October 2022

Friday Fics Fix - There's A Metaphysical Barn and Everything

'"So that's six ghosts, then. Six angry, murderous ghosts."

"Yeah," Duke said. The foundations of his anger had washed away, and now he just looked tired.'


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There are some TV series which are truly amazing... until the ending.

Sometimes the ending just isn't up to scratch, y'know?

Sometimes the end is totally unsatisfactory and/or doesn't make goddamn sense.

And that's where fanfiction comes in.

Because Fix-It fics take that cr**py ending and/or plot development, and say 'no - that's not what happened.' And they write their own, instead.

(Yes, I'm talking Fix-It fics on Friday Fics Fix - keep up and don't let your tongue get too tied 😅)

The TV show Haven was a gothicky, horror-y, sci-fi (and SyFy,) series which ran between 2010 and 2015.

It's supposedly based on Stephen King's novella The Colorado Kid 

- and that may well have been the jumping off points for the creators, but I've read The Colorado Kid, and there are very, very, few similarities between that story and Haven.

Haven's very much it's own thing - although it draws on a lot of Stephen King themes, motifs, etc. as inspiration.

The town of Haven, Maine, has Troubles - of the supernatural kind. 

And FBI agent Audrey Parker turns up, one day, to investigate some odd crimes... and things just get very weird, very fast.

There's a metaphysical barn and everything, it's awesome.

I have numerous issues with the final episode of Haven - not least the fate of Duke Crocker, played by Eric Balfour.

Duke is forever my favourite - an angsty bad-boy with a soft heart who's played by a very pretty dude? What's not to love, really?

...Duke's also the kind of guy who ends up having to help everyone else, with no-one else realising how much sh** he's going through. Which, y'know... I may or may not relate way too hard, tbh.

Duk Crocker: No one wants to see it
Via Gfycat

Never mind the final episode, the final season of Haven doesn't do right by Duke. And this fic seeks to fix that exact problem.

And, because this is fanfiction, it also makes both Duke and another character, Dwight, Bi - and gives them some M/M romance.

Because we are fixing things, after all 😉

This fic isn't perfect - some of the scenes seem unnecessary, and parts of the prose are a teensy bit clunky - but honestly, it's pretty damn good.

And it ties up Haven in a much, much, more satisfactory way - and keeps the drama while doing it.

Some Content Warnings then, for this one:

- blood (like, a lot)

- general violence, including gun violence

- supernatural/horror elements

- suicidal ideation


- grief

- supernatural chronic pain and serious illness

- supernatural disabilities

- injury

- serial killers

- Queer imposter syndrome

- emotional abuse of various forms, including parental

- human experimentation

- being kept prisoner

- explosions

- accidents

References to:

- corpses

- murder

- supernatural-related self-harm

- sexy times

...I think that's everything - as always, I may've missed something, so be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

So Stay With Me and I'll Have It Made by bellatemple

Is there a series/film/whatever you wish you could change the ending of?

Does a bad ending wreck the show, or is it just a disappointment?

Talk to me! 😘💬

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  1. I've never heard of this show, but it sounds interesting! I would love to fix the ending of Buffy, and end it after the fifth season. Now it's not like things got bad after season five, but season five ended on such a high that I don't think anything afterwards could top it.

    1. I love it so much!!! But ugh, the ending *sigh* Why Haven, why??? Lol

      Arrow came to a natural ending about 4 times, and then ended up actually ending at a point where it was like: but you could actually run with this??? Lol.


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