Sunday 17 September 2023

Nerd Church - Short Story: The Greatest Thieves

The Greatest Thieves not take jewels.

Artsy mysterious portrait of a woman
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

I breathed softly. It was mine now. They would never know.

Did he look for me? Was he startled when the morning came, and I — I was not there?

He would marry her. Poor foolish girl. He had to marry her. It was all arranged. Expected. But love would never flourish between them. Poor things. I knew all too well how this played out. It always went the same way.

He could never love her. In time, he may even grow to resent her. There would be children of course — duty prevails. If loveless marriages remained barren, noble houses would find themselves extinct. …Here’s hoping for that day.

And me? After I had loved and left, what then? Ah, do not pity poor little me. I am well cared for. Within the day, I was back to my rooms for supplies, rest, rejuvenation. And then to the next.

If only they know, more fool them, that the greatest thieves do not take coins, fine linens, or jewels. No, my friends, I take something far more valuable.

That young bridegroom to be, he of the unhappy marriage? His body may belong to her, but his heart belongs to me. I have added it to my collection.

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