Monday, 22 March 2021

What Happened Between Me and the UK Amazon Associates Programme: The Entire Story

(Warning: this post briefly references and details mental health problems (Depression/Anxiety))

Last December, I got kicked off the UK Amazon Associates Programme. 

I am so not happy.

I've tried pretty much everything to sort this out - but Amazon UK don't seem to care.

So I will do what I do in situations like this - I will put it all out there on the table, in it's full stalling-tactics, arbitrary, frustrating glory.

(This is a long one - feel free to bookmark it and come back, but I would really, really, appreciate you reading this. 💖)

'What Happened Between Me and the UK Amazon Associates Programme: The Entire Story' against a cardboard background

My darling dearest nerdlets, you don't get rid of me that easy. 

I don't just 'leave it,', not when I know I did nothing wrong. 

I will keep going, again and again.

And so here we are...

Friday, 19 March 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Movie Night Is Kind Of Crowded

'For Klaus, there are – approximately – seven million people crammed into this slumber party, most of them screaming at the top of their lungs'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape


I read a lot of Umbrella Academy fanfiction, like a butt-tonne.

So yes, this week's fic rec is once again an Umbrella Academy fic.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Nerd Church - The Stark Difference Between Disney Villains' Motivations: Men Vs Women


(Warning: scratch the surface of Disney films, and there can be some very dark things underneath, so this post discusses: forced marriage, including to underage girls; murder; the fur industry; genocide.

There may also be SPOILERS for Disney films.)

'The Stark Difference Between Disney Villains' Motivations: Men Vs Women' written in fancy script with a fairytale-style castle in the background

Think of a Disney villain - there are a few great ones, right?

And I'm sure that we all have our faves, our least faves, our problematic faves.

And a Disney villain, at least traditionally in their animated movies, is as cut-and-dry good-vs-evil as you can get.

But I've noticed something lately - the motivations of Disney's female villains are a lot different to the male ones.

Quick Note: Yes, I'm using male and female as gendered terms synonymous with men and women, on account of social and practical interchangeability.

Friday, 12 March 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Locked In Space


'Across the top of the control panel, the AI’s official designation read: Security and Hazard Emergency Response LOCK (S.H.E.R.LOCK)'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

You know I love originality in fanfiction dearest nerdlets.

And I have some more of it for you this week!

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Nerd Church - Covid 19: Years From Now, How Will We Explain?

(Warning: as you can probably tell, this post is about Coronavirus/Covid 19. 

It also references: anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theories, general 2020-ness, mental health problems, Trump, discrimination, ableism, systemic racism, and other systemic discrimination)

"My grandparents lived through the First World War and the Spanish Flu and all that," my mam said, "it's weird - they never talked about it much."

"Well," I said, "imagine explaining 2020, and the pandemic, to someone who's not even born yet. How could you even begin to make them understand?"

'Covid 19: Years From Now, How Will We Explain?' with artsy blue background

If a child asked, decades from now, 'what happened in 2020 and 2021? How did so many people die of Covid?' - what would you answer?

Where would we start? With the fires and the floods and World War Three trending at the beginning of 2020? 

Or would we just jump straight into the Lockdowns, the social distancing, masks, Covid testing, the race for a vaccine...?