Friday 17 April 2020

Friday Fics Fix - The Self-Care Fanfic Rec-List

Fanfiction is a fab form of self-care (which I know I've said more than once, but that's because it's true!)

And seeing as how:

a) we could all do with all the self-care we can get atm...

and b) I have written a lot of fanfiction posts over the years...

I figured I'd take a look over my blog archives, and select some of the most useful fics for self-care.

(Side-note: looking through my archive is super-weird!)

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Fics where self-care is front and centre

Slothilda in bed, reading, with her doggo by her feetsies: Introvert charging station
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'If They Haven't Learned Your Name' or, as my brain has named it, 'the one where Bucky reads trashy romance novels as self-care,' is a fic I rec'd back in 2018, on account of this fic is everything!

Novel-length? Yup

Fun? Yup

Also deals with the deep sh**? Yup

Want something shorter, but mature in it's approach to mental health (not like that - dammit fandom!) and soothing t'boot?

'Oasis' by Sholio is another Bucky-centred fic which sees Bucky working his sh** out through the medium of gardening.


(Fangirling notes: fanfiction where a character is unwell and needs to be taken care of by (an)other character/s.)

As you can probably tell, this is fluffy af. It's also Stony based (Steve Rogers in a relationship with Tony Stark) and Tony is the ill one here.

Flash forward to February this year, and I recommended 'All you need is someone who cares.'

This features my beautiful Umbrella Academy boy, Klaus, and I used the rec post as an opportunity for societal analysis, cos that's just how I roll 😎

All the fluff

Agnes from Despicable Me, looking up at a toy unicorn: It's so fluffly, I'm gonna die!
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'Trapped' was the Harry Potter fic that led to my perenially popular post about Harry and Draco being stuck in a cupboard and Draco having a panic attack.

For reasons I'm not sure I will ever understand, this post brings many searchers to Dora Reads from Google, with very specific searches like 'Draco and Harry stuck in cupboard' *shrugs* 

I don't judge, I just rec. fics!

Anyhow, this fic has a lot of fluffy comforting going on, so enjoy.

(Note: Trans women are women, Trans men are men, Non-Binary people are people who can use whatever labels and pronouns they feel comfortable with. If you don't agree, don't let the door hit you on the behind on the way out.)

A post I apparently wrote in a state of exhaustion in 2018 (...I need to start planning these posts more!) rec'd the BBC Merlin fic 'What Do We Have?'

In this fic, with it's modern AU (Alternate Universe) King Arthur is what I decided two years to dub a 'Sexually Fluid Fluff-Master.' (And he really wants to go out with Merlin!)

Which... I mean, that just sounds like my kinda fic, right? 😆

And on Valentine's Day this year, I recc'd a Good Omens fic featuring Crowley and Aziraphale in an Ace M/M relationship.

So 'Like Any Rose It's Not Itself' is sweet enough to make your dentist shudder!

Is there a type of fic you use for self-care which I haven't included?
Bloggers - do you find it weird to look back at your archives?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. Thanks for the list, Cee! You know what, I actually never read fanfics. I always just assumed they weren’t for me. But, I have been wanting to try something new since being in isolation. I think I might give someone fanfics a go!


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