Sunday 10 May 2020

Nerd Church - How Are You Bored...?

(Warning: this post references Coronavirus/Covid 19, and Lockdown)

"Bored!" I kicked the carpet with my heel. "Bored!" I kicked it with my other heel. "Bored!" I switched back to the first heel.

...That's the last time I can remember being plain bored. 

I think I was eight. I definitely wasn't older than ten.

How Are You Bored...?

Don't get me wrong - I've been bored of things plenty of times. Teachers, mostly. 

(School is good and something you should go to and all that - but my school sucked. On many levels.

We used to hide maths homework inside our PSE (Personal Social Education) booklets - because apparently LSD was a big threat to the teens of the mid-to-late 00s. (Spoiler: it wasn't.) 

Also we had to colour in the pictures of drugs for some reason? Like this is gonna put us off in any way? (Don't do drugs, dearest nerdlets, k? K.)

Also the teacher I had for PSE told us way too much about the various times she 'ran away with [man] to [location] and it all went wrong and I ended up stranded in [location - not necessarily the 1st location]' We honestly didn't want to know. 

We were hiding maths homework, dearest nerdlets. Maths. Homework.)

So, things I was bored of aside, it's been well over 15 years since I was bored.

And we still had dial-up internet at the time, and only one computer. 

And we had to have permission off my parents to go on it, because the Internet cost more money the longer you used it, and also no-one could use the phone while we were on it. 

(I'm not actually ancient - some parts of my country still struggle to get broadband that can cope with modern data usage.)

Cos now?

Now that we literally have the history of mankind at our finger-tips, and all of art, science, culture, etc. available whenever you want?

HOW can someone be bored?

I mean, it feels like boredom's a luxury sometimes, anyway.

Sure, I have times when I'm not doing anything - but I usually call that rest.

Even then, I don't do as much resting as I probably ought to.

There's always something to do - fast-paced modern-living and everything.

So when, anecdotally, I hear of people being bored, I'm like:

Cos you don't have to be doing something 'productive' in order for you to do something - if you aren't able to work, you can spend time on your hobbies, catch up on adulting, or just enjoy reading/watching TV/whatever.

And if I hear one more TV interview with 'normal' people, who are like, 'I've seen everything on TV!' I'm gonna scream. 

Because that's not possible. We literally live in a world where we as a species have created more content than we'll ever be able to consume in a lifetime.

YouTube is free, knock yourselves out. (Figuratively, ofc.)

When I discovered YouTube, I didn't work for five days
Via Giphy

Like, I get that the whole Coronavirus deal-y is stressful (believe me, I get that!), and staying at home isn't something we're used to (so important though! STAY HOME!) but I don't think people are actually bored.

I think they just don't have anything they want to do.

And that's OK! It's OK to feel unmotivated, or lacking in energy, or fed up, or lonely, or bored of the restrictions to our lives.

But mis-labelling that feeling as a general boredom, when there's a whole world of stuff available to you (and I know it is, because if you didn't have an internet connection, you literally couldn't read this post,) is probably not good for anyone.

I'm not trying to criticise here - you feel what you feel. End of.

If you feel legitimately bored, then you feel bored. And I'm not trying to get at you, or invalidate anything you feel.

You feel what you feel, regardless of my opinion - I'm just some chick with a blog.

Maybe ask yourself why you feel bored though... because it's not because you don't have anything to do. 

(Again, I get being bored of something, I'm talking general boredom here!)

...And at the very least, asking yourself how and why you feel bored will give you something to do for a minute or two! ;)

(And if all else fails, for the love of God, take up a hobby!)

Am I wrong? Am I right?
Are you bored?
Talk to me!

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  1. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I have complained of boredom while in quarantine, mostly because I am trying to limit my screen time so I don’t like scrolling through my phone or watching tv in order to get rid of boredom. However, I totally get your point! There’s a million things that I could do without a screen to cure boredom. (I have had an unfinished knitting project on my shelf for weeks). But, sometimes I think society thinks it’s just easier to complain.

    1. I get how limiting screen-time (not a bad thing!) will def. limit your options. I think (by the sounds of things - I realise I'm not in your house, that would be weird!) you're probably more unmotivated and fed-up than anything - and that's fine! That's totally fine - you feel what you feel Em, and there's nothing wrong with that!

      I get you though - everyone else's saying it's boredom, so it's easier than explaining that you *have* things to do, you just don't *want* do because you're unmotivated or whatever. Explaining it is a) tiring and b) more complicated, and requires more understanding from the person you're talking too, and society as a whole struggles with complicated!

    2. You really did describe what I’m feeling! Are you sure you’re not in my house? (Looks behind me) XD Anyways, my motivation has been non-existent these days. But, I’m hoping my online course will bring some of it back! I can’t believe I’m now at the point of going back to school because I can’t stand doing nothing haha! I think society should do a better job at accurately describing our feelings, instead of grouping us all under the category of “bored.”

    3. Sh, international travel is banned - they'll be on to me ;) lol!

      Ooh, that sounds like fun! I used to do a lot of MOOCs (online courses, basically,) - I'd like to do some more if I ever have the time/energy! <3

  2. Cee, you always write the most relevant posts, I love this! I have been thrumming with projects to do during this period - and I'm still putting those projects off, like I would in any "normal" times. Perhaps a lot of people are complaining to "fit in"?

    1. Thanks Gerri, that's so sweet!

      There's nothing wrong with a little procrastination (I'm a fan of procrastination!) ;)

      Maybe you're right - maybe people just can't express themselves adequately, and think it's easier, and more socially acceptable, to say they're bored!

  3. I don't think boredom is the best way to describe how I'm feeling. I'm working from home, cooking and trying out new recipes, reading, and watching all the shows/movies I never had time to get to before. That being said, I do think I'm feeling restless. There's a monotony to my days that has me ready to do something different.

    I'll keep staying home and only venturing out for essential things like groceries for now. Restlessness is better than illness or death!

    1. Restlessness is something I totally understand! (Sometimes physically: my leg won't stop bouncing as I'm writing this.)

      I think restlessness is a totally acceptable reaction to the situation (not that there's an unacceptable reaction - emotion-wise, rather than actions-wise,) - we're 'programmed' for fight or flight, mostly, and right now we can't really do either.

      Stay home and stay safe! <3


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