Tuesday 14 February 2023

Month In Review(s) - January 2023

January was hell.

I got some Very Bad news about a very close family member.

The 'it doesn't get better' kind of news.

I'm not really ready to go into it, further than saying I've found myself becoming a carer again. Yay.

January - Ionawr

So January was enough to say that 2023 is a bad year. Straight off.

I'm just hoping it stays at this level of bad and doesn't get worse. I can just about cope if it does that.

Meanwhile, I'm trying not to do that 'unhealthy overworking coping mechanism' thing that I do.

...So that means that, from time to time, something's gonna have to give. 

And that means there may be times when I can't get as many posts written, or can't reply to comments so quickly, or I might even have to skip some of my regular posts (though if that happens, I hope to put out a quick update to let you know - I wouldn't leave you hanging, dearest nerdlets!)

So, please be patient with me!

No 'popular posts' section again this month.

My stats are chock-full of spam, and I have neither the energy nor the desire to sieve through it for the actual details. Sorry!

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Comics Wrap-Up

Title: Comics Wrap-Up. Background: Lined-notebook-style with doodled speech bubbles containing heart s

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Friday Fics Fix

Title: Fics Fix! Background: purple with a white lightning bolt shape

My Stand-Out Fics of 2022

As The Fanfiction Gods Intended... - A SamBucky The Falcon and The Winter Soldier AU fic

It's Not His Fault He's Not Umbrella Ben! - Umbrella Academy fic with Klaus Hargreeves being comforted by Sparrow Ben, because I am trash.

Nerd Church 

You Can't Do All Of The Things, All Of The Time (And That's OK) - A helpful reminder to me and you that no-one is super-human (dammit!)

Learn ALL The Languages! - Did you know they don't limit how many languages you can learn on Duolingo?!

The Writer Diaries: Purpose and Existential Crises - in which I explain Awen and am able to turn literally anything into an existential crisis; and yes, this does relate to writing, I promise

Other Non-Review Posts

The Bookish Diversity Link List 2023

Month in Review(s) - December 2022

And that was January. Good riddance.

How was yours?

Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your month, Cee :( I'm here in any capacity if you wanna vent. The life of a carer is not easy, and it can be so difficult to take care of yourself in the process. Sending love.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you got bad news about a loved one. And I can SO relate to the stress and fatigue that come with having to be a caregiver - plus the feeling of injustice, because we need a break too, and we need to take care of ourselves too, and sometimes there's just no time. Sending hugs and wishing you strength.


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