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Friday Fics Fix - Magic Moments With Sam and Bucky: A Rec List

When you read as much fanfiction as I do, you start to notice things.

Things like... there are a lot of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) fics which have weird magical aspects.

Or at least... there are a lot of them amongst the ones that I read 😅

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So I figured I'd spoil you all and give ya a nice little rec-list of TFATWS magic-related fics.

...They're all either SamBucky, or a hair's-width from it, so, y'know. Bigots need not apply - our boys are Bi.

(...It's too hot here, I think my brain may have melted 😅 )

(Fandom notes:

SamBucky aka WinterFalcon etc. is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson.)

As always, please check the original rec'ing post, the fic tags, or both - preferrably both - for Content Warnings.

Here we go, then...

Sam to Bucky: Where do we start?
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'“We didn’t walk through a wardrobe door at some point back in that warehouse, did we?”

Bucky throws him an unimpressed look. “If a talking animal appears I’m shooting first and asking questions later.”'

Fast food! Romance novels! Convenient first aid kits! That trope where one partner (Sam) tends to the other (Bucky)'s wounds!

And a magical lodge in the woods which Sam is worried might have the superhero-eating kind of witch in it. There's certainly some sort of weird magic nonsense going on.

Yup, this fun and entirely bizarre fic has it all, so check into Baba Yaga's Love Shack by MercuryInRetro for a very weird time all around!

Original rec'ing post: Any Port (Cabin) In A Storm

(Fandom notes:

Trope = halfway between a theme and a stereotype.)

'He seemed to know the magical forest like the back of his hand. Made Sam wonder why Sam hadn’t seen the guy around before finding him out in the nude.'

Bucky Barnes: I didn't do anything.
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Basically, what we have here is fairtytale AU style SamBucky. Like... even more than the Baba Yaga one.

...Yes, that is possible. 😅

Bucky is The Little White Wolf by Writer_Lethogica who lives in a magic forest, and gets turned into a people so that he can be with his crush, Sam, who is the local village healer.

It's batpoop and I love it.

Original rec'ing post: Once Upon A SamBucky Fairytale

(Fandom notes:

AU = Alternate Universe

Fairytale AU = an Alternate Universe with fairytale-type shenanigans)

'“Fine. I’ll take you. But it’s my car so I pick the music.” Bucky hopes he’s convincing Sam he’s very annoyed and has had his plans for the day completely uprooted.

“Yes!” Sam shouts and puts his hand up for a high-five. When Bucky doesn’t engage, he slaps his own hand with his other, a sign that today is going to be a long day.'

The premise of the AU in Fast Cars, They Run Me Down by Lillian_TheRENTHead is that Bucky is (probably...) some sort of immortal being, who is f**king tired.

...The kind of tired that can only really be described as Depression at this point in his overly-long life.

The only major disruption to the cr**py little niche he's carved out for himself to wallow away in is one Sam Wilson - his impossibly perky colleague from the music store where he works.

No matter how much Bucky tries to push him away, Sam keeps coming back - and not just in the 'I work here' sense, in the 'I am a happy dog - let me be your friend, grumpy cat,' kind of sense.

If you're OK with the heavy themes, then give this one a read - it is beautifully written.

Original rec'ing post: Bucky-Barnes-Based and Weird

Sam Wilson: Wow. Wow.
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'He sways on his feet, close to falling right there if not for Sam bracing him, his eyes closed against—well, not the light, they haven’t even turned that on yet, have they, but everything feels so bright anyway—'

Bucky has had it!

I mean, it's one thing coming to terms with ex-assassin-ing, super-soldier-ing, and being in the actual goddamn future, but now there's all this psychic b*llsh** on top?!

Welcome to gold in the seams by napricot.

So, the basic schtick in this novel-length fic is that Bucky - oopsie! - develops psychic powers.

That plays hell with all of his senses and general neuro feedback from his super-prosthetic, resulting in migraines and other not-so-fun sense-based shenanigans.

On top of that, Sam, Bucky, and their newly-assembled Avengers team - Joaquin Torres, Yelena Belova, and Maria Hill - are trying to find out who's doing shady things with a dubious energy source.

This one has got a lot going for it - it's pretty damned awesome, tbh, so give it a shot.

Original rec'ing post: Bucky Can't Catch A Break

Have you read any of these?
Are you a fan of any random trends or tropes in fanfiction?
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  1. I think it's cool that you've started to notice these things! Thanks for the list.

    1. Lol, it's quite entertaining to watch trope popularity fade in and out with various fandoms - like watching Art develop organically ;)


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