Friday 28 January 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Superhero Mission Fics


I've been reading a lot of mission fics lately, so I figured I'd take the time to revisit a few of my faves 

(...and take you all along for the ride, ofc 😉)

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So, let's slow down and rewind so's everyone's on the same page: what is a mission fic?

A mission fic is a piece of fanfiction that's based around an episodic-style storyline - not dissimilar to a monster-of-the-week/murder-of-the-week style vibe.

They're usually (but not always) written about fandoms which involve a lot of action/adventure hijinks - especially if they contain characters who are in the military, or are military-adjacent.

All of which means that superhero fanfiction, in particular, is the perfect canvas for mission fics.

...And you know how much I love superheroes! 😅 #IHaveNoShameAtThisPoint #FangirlTrash

Yes, these are all about superheroes - which wasn't my intention when I started writing this post, but c'est la vie.

Fighting my fangirling tendencies isn't exactly what Friday Fics Fix is about after all - so let's just give in to them entirely (It's a lot more fun!)

Please check the original rec'ing posts (which are linked,) for more info., including Content Warnings for each fic.

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan): Hi!
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Sold, American by LivingProof


Bucky's doing Sam a favour by picking something up at the mall.

Coincidentally, today is the day when a group of armed hostage-takers have put this particular mall on their 'to-do' list.

Cue drama, peril, and bad things happening to our darling Bucky bear: will Sam reach him in time?!

Original rec'ing post here

(Fandom notes:

TFATWS = The Falcon and The Winter Soldier TV Series

MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe (the Marvel movies and TV series))

Five Hargreeves (Aidan Gallagher): It was a simple task!
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Vacancy by beastboy12

TUA fic

We're focussed on two of the Hargreeves siblings - Diego and Five - here, with m'boy Klaus coming in towards the end.

The whole fic is based on a save-kids-from-a-burning-building set-up, but it somehow manages to encompass a lot more.

Original rec'ing post here

(Fandom notes:

TUA = The Umbrella Academy)

Captain America (Chris Evans): I understood that reference
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Haunting of Avengers Tower by Kevy_Grace

MCU fic

So, this fic is about the Avengers tower being haunted - 

- which tbh, Peter Parker is way too happy about, and also leads to some ridiculous shenanigans and some conversations with Clint about Buzzfeed Unsolved which I totally live for.

Original rec'ing post here

Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner): Whatever, man. It's a trick.
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Be All You Can Be by flawedamythyst

MCU fic

I really enjoyed this fic - which is about Clint and Bucky going undercover in the army and having an enemies-to-lovers storyline along the way.

This is a Soulmate AU where the basic set-up is that soulmates a) hear a chime when they first meet, b) sync-up heartbeats and sleep rhythms, and c) can heal each other's physical injuries. 

It's also not Aro/Ace exclusionary, which is why I'm OK with rec'ing it.

Original rec'ing post here

(Fandom notes: 

AU = Alternate Universe.

Soulmate AU = an AU where soulmates are not only a scientific/social truth, but are often enshrined in law, visible as soulmates to others, etc. There's a lot of variation that fic authors can play with!)

And that's all I have for ya!

Are you a fan of mission fics?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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