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Friday, 13 October 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Pants on Fire

Since we're still in October, and on Friday 13th t'boot, I figured we'd give another roll to the Harry Potter dice.*

If it saves me from the Halloween pumpkin sex fics I kept coming across last year, I'm all for it. (Never search for seasonal fics. Ever. I made that mistake again at Easter... *shudders*)

friday fics fix title image

*No, I really have no clue where that phrase/analogy came from 😅

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Friday, 4 August 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Aristotle and Dante Appear In Fanfiction

This week, I've been reading some YA fanfiction.

Most of the fanfiction I read is actually TV/movie-based (maybe because a lot of the fanfiction out there in internet-land is based on TVs and movies stuffs! Lol.)

fics fix title image

I figured I'd read some book-based fics for once. What with this being a book blog and all that jazz.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Review! - Something Beautiful by Amanda Gernentz Hanson

Something Beautiful title image


Title: Something Beautiful

Author: Amanda Gernentz Hanson

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary*, Romance* (M/F; M/M,) (*ish,) LGBTQ+ (and sexually fluid)

Release Date: 27th June 2017

Amazon: UK - USA

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Month in Review(s) - May 2017

Ahhhhh May. The month when we all gave up hoping 2017 would be better than 2016, and decided to just do damage control from here to Christmas.

books, fruit, drink, flowers pic

(I joke - but only slightly. People in 1917 would be shocked by how short a distance we've come.)

Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Fics Fix - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

I think we all need some Drarry.

Friday fics fix title image

The world is a weird place, but there is fanfiction! (Which is even weirder! Yay!)

We have something we can cling to dammit! (And don't EVER feel guilty for enjoying the small stuff!)

(Fangirling notes: Drarry is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.)

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Review Time! - Thirteen Hours by Francis Gideon

Thirteen Hours title image

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Title: Thirteen Hours

Author: Francis Gideon

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Zombies, Steampunk, LGBTQ+, Romance (M/M; secondary F/F,) Novella/Short Story

Amazon: UK - USA

Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Spoiler warning: potential Harry Potter spoilers ahead!

Bringing someone new home to the family is challenging. Now, if that person also fought against you in the recent magic war, it might make things a li'l awkward.

Friday Fics Fix title image

But like, it'll all work out in the end... right? It's not like you were a Death Eater, and he was The Boy Who Lived or anything... oh. Right. That.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - My Heart is Like a Stallion

Comics wrap-up title image

Film Trailers

Here's another li'l trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 - which I've already seen!

(Dudes it's good - both hilarious and heart-breaking dammit!!!!)

Warning: flashing images

Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Stuck(y) In the Middle With You

I'm Stucky trash. And I'm not even sorry. 😎

(For the record - I have given you non-Marvel-Cinematic-Universe fandoms quite a bit recently. But I sold my soul to the MCU a long time ago. It will always return!

And Bucky is my Bucky Bear - he and Steve are meant for each other.)

Fics Fix title image

(Fangirling notes:

Stucky = a Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes romantical and/or sexual relationship.

Bucky Bear = fandom shorthand for OH MY GOD PROTECT HIM!!! HE'S PRECIOUS!!!)

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Comics Wrap-Up - Candy Love

comics wrap-up title image

Film Trailers

OK, the thing that made nerd-dom collectively lose its sh** this week was the first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok!

(And once again, proof that Chris Hemsworth needs to be in more comedy - his timing dudes, his timing.)

Friday, 24 March 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Comfort Blanket Time

What to do when the world is going to hell in a handbasket and I have a cold? Read fanfiction of course!

Fics Fix title image

Fanfiction will save us. Somehow it must.

(You doubt me, but we didn't think Trump would be president and Teen Vogue (US) would be leading the resistance a year ago - yet here we are, fy nghariadiau, here we are! *cue slightly hysterical laughter*)

(I may be slightly feverish - so this is gonna be fun!)

Friday, 17 March 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Mr Pool

This week, I dived into the mire that is Deadpool-related fanfiction.

Friday Fics Fix title image

Most of that stuff I obviously can't recommend to you because... much as I love the Deadpool fandom... we do tend towards the bizarre. And/or disturbing.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Month in Review(s) - February 2017

February. The shortest of months, and the one with Valentine's Day crammed into the middle there.

book heart image

Which may explain why four of the 5 books I reviewed this month were romances - guess it even got to yours truly! (I'm not going all soft on you though, dearest nerdlets, I'm still your Rebel Valentine! Lol.)

Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday Fics Fix - John's Suit

Last week, I brought you an #ownvoices fanfic about a transgender Loki - this week, I bring you an #ownvoices fanfic about a transgender John Watson.

Friday Fics Fix title image

See? Fanfiction gives me hope for the future of this bizarre little planet.

We need fic-writers; they are the future.

(Fangirling note: #ownvoices is a movement where stories about marginalised groups are written by members of that marginalised group.)

corner image

'We need fic-writers; they are the future'. Click to Tweet

This is a short fic about John getting ready to go out on a date, and being unhappy about the way his suit fits.

The perspective of a transgender man is not one we get to see from often, and, my dear nerdlets, it's a perspective that's well worth hearing.

What's also interesting about this fic is that it pairs John with Jim Moriarty.

Maybe that's not that interesting to any non-Sherlockians among you, but I can safely say that this is one of the less common pairings in Sherlock fanfiction.

Right, I can't really say much more, because it's so short I'll end up with spoilerage everywhere. And that just gets messy.

But it's interesting, well-written, and well worth the read.

Warning: there are homophobic and transphobic slurs mentioned in the text.

This week's fic then is:

Reflection by ChosenOfAshursha

Enjoy! I'll be back to save the world, one fic at a time, next week!

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Review Time! - Outsider by Olivia Cunning

Outsider title image

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Title: Outsider
Outsider book cover
Author: Olivia Cunning

Genre: Romance (M/M/F; M/F; M/M,) LGBTQ+ (and polyamorous,) Contemporary

Series: Exodus End (#2)

Amazon: UK - USA

A few starting notes:

I received a free digital review copy of this book via NetGalley. NetGalley provides review copies from publishers in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

This book is #2 in a series, but they're more companion novels - focussing on different characters - rather than one continuous story.

Plus, even the publishers say that it can be read as standalone (so it's not just me this time!)

This book is 18+ only, on account of the amount of graphic sexy-times.

Huge thanks to Naz @ Read Diverse Books for taking the time to discuss queer and Latinx rep with me - any mistakes are 100% mine.

If any Latinx, queer male, and/or polyamorous reviewers have reviewed this title, let me know - I would love to link to your review.

This was a difficult one to review (which is why I keep procrastinating!) because there's so much the author got right, but also so much she got wrong, and I have to somehow explain all that!

So let's give this a shot!


Meet Reagan, the new guitarist with Exodus End. She's kind of feeling like an imposter right now - after all, Exodus End are rock legends.

She's also trying to keep the fact that she's dating both Ethan and Trey, together, as a unit, a secret.

Meet Trey, guitarist with Sinners. Though he's Reagan's public boyfriend, he'd prefer things between him and Ethan to be public too.

Meet Ethan - Reagan's body-guard.

Ethan's still in the closet, so admitting he's in a relationship with both Reagan and Trey is out of the question.

But with the tabloids around, and the music business to navigate, things are not going to be plain sailing!

Best bits:

Trey is a beautiful character - he's such a darling, and Cunning writes him with real affection and a real understanding of his feelings and his vulnerabilities.

Basically, if I had to pick the best aspect of this book, Trey would be it. He's amazing.

guitar picture

I also loved the way the romance wasn't the only thing going on here - each of our trio has their own life, their own hopes, their own personality. They're complete people, not just defined by their relationship.

I liked that we get scenes from each of the characters' points-of-view (POVs,) without the other main characters present, and that we get an understanding of their relationships with family members, friends, etc.

Can we also point out that polyamory is portrayed as a viable and healthy relationship (albeit not perfect)? I think we can. Guys, that's just awesome.

And the relationship itself is not 2-dimensional. People say the wrong thing, they mess up, but they also make things better, comfort each other, make each other laugh etc.

man playing guitar image

Of course, the rock music was one of the draws of this book to me - obviously, you can't hear it, but the whole rock-star deal gave this book a centre and a vibe that was pretty cool.

Cunning also explores the issues of being in the public eye, and the problems with being a woman in what is still predominantly a male industry.

People think you got where you are because of sex, because of your looks, etc. - not because of your talent.
Reagan's frustration at the sexist press, fans, and the band management who want to turn her into a sex symbol, is more than justified.

She knows she's good enough to be there. But everyone else seems determined to undermine her achievements.

corner image

'She knows she's good enough to be there...'    Click to Tweet

Not so great bits:

corner image

The potentially distressing content in this book is:

- homophobia

- homophobic slurs

- biphobia

- bigotry against polyamory

- sexism

- sexist insults

- grief

- parental rejection/abandonment

- press harassment

- libel

- being closeted

- coming out

- being outed

- past emotional abuse (sexual-related)

- jealousy/overprotectiveness

- rough sexcorner image

- one brief but graphic instance of gore

- references to gangs

- references to bad neighbourhoods and guns

- references to past stalking and physical assault

I think that's everything - sorry if I missed anything.

There's also a lot of swearing, and a lot of graphic sex, often involving three people. And there's some references to BDSM.

OK, there were some issues with the representation of various themes/groups of people in this book, so I'm gonna try and break it down for you the best I can, and as efficiently and clearly as I can.

Spoilers are marked in square brackets [] - and written in white.


Relationship issues:

[Trey] recounts a tale of emotional abuse with a very sexual element when he has a relationship with [Brian.]

Despite that, he's still friends with [Brian] and sees him in a generally positive light.

Look, this emotional abuse involved (this is potentially triggering as well as spoilerific) [turning him around, refusing to look at his face, and telling him to be a girl during sex.]

From where I'm stood, that's messed up.

The way Ethan acts towards Trey can also be very possessive and jealous - I didn't find it over-the-line, but it wouldn't surprise me if others did.

corner image

'From where I'm stood, that's messed up...'      Click to Tweet


Latinx (Mexican-American) representation:

(Ethan is Mexican-American, and both Trey and Reagan are white.)

  • Negative trope of the homophobic and unaccepting Latinx family - something which gives the impression that all Latinx people are somehow homophobic, and really shouldn't have been tackled by a non-own-voices author.

  • Ethan fears that his Latino brothers will beat up and harm his precious white boyfriend - I can't be the only one to see a problem there.

  • Strange references to being in a Mariachi band as something shaming to the family, and the family's heritage. This seems inaccurate as Mariachi players take pride in their music, and the music is part of Mexican culture.

  • Ethan has a different last name to the rest of his family. In context, this serves as a distancing of Ethan - who has a more Anglicised name - from the rest of his family, and makes that part of his life and heritage seem more 'Other.'


Polyamorous representation:

My main problem with this aspect was that, even though I know this is an'erotic romance,' the polyamorous people here are written as being heavy on the sexy times, and 'not satisfied' by only one partner.

While of course polyamorous people can have high sex drives, so can monogamous people.

The linking of libido with polyamory gives the wrong impression about polyamory as a whole.

And the repeated portrayal of sex-hungry polyamory in media can lead to some very persistent stereotyping.


Queer/LGBTQ+ representation:

  • Ethan takes more offense to the word queer than the word perversion. While I get that queer was being used as a slur in this context... are we just supposed to let the perversion comment slide...?

  • Being gay or bisexual is described as a lifestyle more than once. As I've said before, I don't like this, but it's a personal thing.

  • The author gave the impression of confusion between the terms gay and bisexual (more in the 'sexual fluidity representation' section.)


Sexual fluidity representation:

Look, you guys know that I'm all for sexual fluidity in books. But you've gotta do it right.

If Reagan is the only girl Ethan has ever been attracted to, then fine, but you've really got to know what you're doing when you write that. And Cunning doesn't seem to.

I like that Ethan is questioning, rather than just going, 'ok, I'm bi now!' but in places, Cunning doesn't really seem to understand that there's a difference between the term gay and the term bisexual.

If that's supposed to be because Ethan is questioning, then say that. Don't just casually put gay in when he's in a relationship with a man and a woman.

(And yes, I know it can be an umbrella term, but since Ethan previously identified as gay, it might be an idea to be clearer about these things.)

It gives the impression of Ethan's sexuality changing simply for the purpose of the plot, and so that Cunning can write three-way sex-scenes, rather than because she supports fluidity or homoflexibility/being gay-fluid.

That's disappointing.


There need to be more polyamorous romances. And I'm glad that this presents a largely positive view of polyamory.

It's an enjoyable book, but there are a lot of problems with it.

These are problems that can't be ignored, and should be learned from.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Loki's Heart

I'm full of coffee, fanfiction is slowly restoring my faith in humanity, and I have an awesome FrostIron fic with a transgender Loki for you guys! Let's do this!

Fics Fix title image

(Fangirling notes:

FrostIron is where Loki and Tony Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (y'know, the films) have a little something romantic and/or sexual going on.

If you're a regular DORA reader, you'll probably know this.

If you're new here/have somehow avoided my FrostIron obsession: ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE YOU TO THE AWESOMENESS!!!!) 

'...fanfiction is slowly restoring my faith in humanity...' Click to Tweet

In the comics, Loki is all kinds of undefined in terms of both sexuality and gender (something they have resolutely ignored in the films.)

So fic writers, (who are more accepting than your average studio executive,) have, over the years, taken it upon themselves to explore the various avenues Loki's story could have taken.

And that is one of the reasons, my dearest nerdlets, that there is still hope for this planet!

This fanfic is written by a transgender man, about a transgender man - yes, there's such a thing as #ownvoices fanfiction... and it's glorious.

This fic is 18+ only by the way guys - there are sexy-times, and I don't want anyone's parents yelling at me.

Also, pay attention to the warnings the fic author gives, in case there's anything distressing for you in there.

This is written beautifully and honestly... and I just love it!

To be honest, any romance between Tony Stark and Loki has already won half the battle with me, but the college AU and the raw heart of this story is just... this is one I really adored, guys.

(Fangirling note: AU is Alternate Universe.)

'the raw heart of this story is just...' Click to Tweet

So, without further procrastination, this week's fic is:

Deliver It To My Heart (What Looks So Strong So Delicate) by lary

And that's this week's fic! More next week! :)

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Totally Winning

I love the TV show Supergirl. It rocks.

And I know, it sounds like it should be really naff - BUT IT'S NOT!!!!

Friday Fics Fix title image

Now, fans of the show will be aware of Winn, and aware of Mon-El.

People who aren't familiar show need to go watch it (like, now.) Because it's awesome-sauce, and even has canon (fangirling note: official) lesbian representation in series 3.

Now, as fandom will pair up everyone with... well... everyone, there is a ship for Winn and Mon-El.

The name of this ship is Monwinn - which makes me laugh for nerdy reasons related to the Welsh language which I won't go into too much here because it would probably take up half a page of explanation.

Let's just say that Winn, and its many variants, is a Welsh name that can signify several concepts related to white, fair, pure, holy, handsome, perfect, etc.

And Mon makes me think of Anglesey.

(Fangirling note: ship is relation-ship. See? OK, awesome.)

This week's fic is cute awesome Monwinn dorkiness with their first date (*squee*)

This week's fic then, my dear nerdlets, is:

Enjoy the sweet dorkiness, and I'll have more fanfiction-y-ness for you next week!

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