Wednesday 4 August 2021

Month in Review(s) - July 2021

(Warning: this post briefly discusses Coronavirus/Covid 19, and vaccinations/needles)

July was way too fricking hot.

Like, climate change is real - summers were never like this when I was a kid. And while I'm the wrong side of 25, under 30. So some time in the last 10-20 years, things altered majorly with our weather.

It's not normal. It's not pleasant. It's gotta be some sort of punishment from the world for our collective environmental sins.

'July - Gorffennaf' with ice-cream cones on a stand and fruit slices on a table

Welsh summers are supposed to be rain. And rain. And then some more rain.

Then occasionally there's a few sunny days, maybe even a hot one. 

Then it goes back to rain.

That's how it's supposed to be.

Not freaking 30 degree Celsius temperatures. WTAF?!

So yeah, thank whoever may be out there that I decided to cut back on blogging in July, because my brains were melted mush for the vast majority of the month.

...I cannot exaggerate how non-functional I am in the heat.

I had my second Covid vaccine a few weeks ago!

And I a) did not kick any nurses, and b) managed to hold off from crying until I reached the maes parcio/car park afterwards!

This is a big thing for me. A big thing.

Like, if I can get two vaccinations, then almost anybody can.

(And I totally bribed myself with ice-cream)

In July also, Dora Reads passed 1 million pageviews!!!!!!!!

(That's according to Blogger stats - so a sh** load of that is likely to be bots/spam traffic, but I don't actually care right now!)

I love all of you!

As a reminder: the majority of this month's posts were Comics Wrap-Up posts, because I put all my other regular series on break.

In August, these series will return, and Comics Wrap-Up will go on break.

And hopefully I'll still refrain from working myself into the ground! (Woo!)

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So that's July - how was yours?

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. Congrats on one million views! That's awesome :) And congrats on getting the vaccine. Hopefully you didn't have any major side effects (I was tired after my second but that was it.) My work is thinking about mandating all workers to get vaccinated and those who refuse to get it are planning a walk-out...we'll see what happens there.

    But I hope you have a great August!

    1. Thanks! <3

      No major side-affects - I felt fairly cr*p the next day or two, and kept falling asleep like, all the time, but otherwise fine.

      Anti-vaxxers can walk the hell out - a-holes. Covid made my grandmother's last year of life more difficult than it had to be, and possibly sped up her decline, so anti-vaxxers get zero sympathy from me. My father lost an auntie, and an old school-friend lost their mother, and I just hope we've seen the worst of it because the second wave was scary here.

      Over 75% of adults have been vaccinated here in Wales - just gotta get that last 25% now! Unfortunately we do have problems with the Delta variant, which means that there are double-vaccinated people in hospital with Covid, but it's so much better than it would be otherwise. Again, anti-vaxxers can kindly eff off :) <3

  2. Canada has definitely been experiencing the affects of climate change as well. Our summers are supposed to be sunny and hot, with a few boughts of rain, but this season has been cold and dreary. It's such a bummer and I hope major corporations start to take notice.

    Yay for second vaccines! I'm so proud of you, Cee! Thank you for doing your part despite your fears. Hope you have a great August!

    1. Can we swap summers? Please? Except we could do without the wildfires if possible.

      Thanks Em - have an awesomeful August :) <3

  3. I'm so sorry your summer has been so hot! We've also had heat, humidity, power outages, and flooding in neighboring communities. My garden was horrible this year and if we had to live off of it, we would have starved. Yay for completely vaccinated! Great job! I hope your ice cream was delicious--you deserved it. I wish more people here in the US would just take their shots and protect others. It makes me so angry when people refuse because "it's America, and we are free" reason. That's just so selfish.

    1. August has been much better so far (fingers crossed!) But yeah - this country is not made for these temperatures. At all.

      The ice-cream was awesome! And yes, I totally deserved it! XD I can't deal with anti-vaxxers - selfish pr*tty d*ckhead kn**bish w**kers. I realise that most of those swearwords were exceptionally British, but they're *'d anyways, so just assume it means I don't like them ;)


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