Wednesday 9 February 2022

Month In Review(s) - January 2022


January was the perfect example of pandemic time

- it simultaneously lasted five minutes and three thousand years.

(Not that my experience of time as a concept ever manages to be one speed, but this is especially marked.)

January - Ionawr

So, this is 2022.

...I feel like it's best not to tempt fate by saying any more than that 😅

January started 2022 off with migraines

- which sucks.

Got a little better towards the end of the month, but back again in February.

Still, I got some fairly decent posts up in January

(...which is about as complimentary as I get towards myself, tbh. Lol.)

I'd really appreciate it if you got chance to check out The Bookish Diversity Link List 2022.

This is the 6th year I've run the link list, and I hope it helps you find diverse books and resources!

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Most Popular Posts

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Not sure what's prompted the recent steady uptick in traffic for my 'Responsible Reporting Required' post but if you're struggling right now, please seek help - you're awesome, OK? Even and especially when you don't feel like it.

And, if you're in the UK or ROI, you can talk to The Samaritans at any time, about anything.

If you're international, there are suicide prevention and/or mental health helplines you can use.
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Non-Review Posts

Comics Wrap-Up

'Comics Wrap-Up' with lined-notebook-style background and speech bubbles containing heart symbols

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That's January! How was yours?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Sorry about the migraines. I hope you're feeling better!

  2. I think January lasted a long time. For me, it all seemed like one extremely long day, all leading up to the Olympics lol. I got really impatient by the end of the month. Of course, I'm sorry that your month started off with migraines. Here's hoping for a migraine-free February!

    1. Ha, I think the ship has long sailed on a migraine-free February, but thanks Em <3 Hope you're enjoying the winter Olympics! :)


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