Wednesday 18 October 2023

Month In Review(s) - September 2023


(Yes, I know we're halfway through October - I have a lot of metaphorical plates spinning, and sometimes I drop one 😅 )

Iesu Effing Grist, September.

Well, it wasn't the worst month of this year - by a long shot. But it, uh... it crammed a whole lot of stuff in there.

...I am very, very, tired.

Title: September - Medi. Background: artsy autumn leaves

Where the hell should I start?

With the heat, I guess. 

As I've mentioned many, many, times, I am Welsh. SEPTEMBER SHOULD NOT BE HOT. 

Hell, even August or July being hot is somewhat questionable as a concept. 

...Or, it used to be. (Climate change. Right there.)

So I utterly fried - I'm not a pleasant person in the heat.

I'm downright horrible when cooked. I'm a damn bi**h when baked.

I hate it, and everyone around me has to suffer, y'know? Ugh!

But during said heatwave, I ended up with another bug story!

For those paying attention, in August a grasshopper pooped on my hand.

In September, I had a run-in with a cricket (the insect, not the sport.)

OK, so it's fairly late at night. I'm walking upstairs in a pool of sweat because it is Too. Effing. Hot. and I reach the top stair -

- where there's this neon green cricket, just kinda sitting there. (Yes, that's a normal colour for crickets where I live - they're oak bush-crickets, mostly.)

So I'm like, 'Hello crickadee!' because I am clearly an adult, and I bend to scoop him up.

(Again, I've lived in the countryside most of my life - I'm not a huge fan of bugs, but I'm also not afraid to just pick up a lot of 'em. Not spiders, though.)

So I get my hands under crickadee, and he does what they do best - i.e., jump - and lands smack-bang on the breast pocket of my shirt.

And he's just kind of looking up at me like 'Hi!'

So I say, 'Come on crickadee, this isn't a Disney movie, you gotta move,' and shake my shirt a little bit. So he jumps back onto the stair where he was to begin with.

Jiminy Cricket
Via Giphy

Deep breath. Take two. Scoopy hands. ...And again, jumpy crickadee.

...And again, he lands smack-bang on my breast pocket, looking up at me.

So I figure work with what you got, y'know? So I make a little loose cave with my hand and gently cover over him to keep him there - works more often than you'd think - and turn around to go downstairs and take him out.

...And he pokes out under my hand - not difficult, since I kept it quite loose, but not really expected either - and just sits with his little head and antennae poking out, staring up at me like, 'I like you!'

So I'm like, 'still not a freaking Disney movie!' and carry on down the stairs, and take crickadee outside.

...Getting him to actually go into the garden, and leave me alone, was the hardest part - he kept jumping back onto my hand. But I found somewhere he was happy with eventually!

I prefer dealing with crickets to wolf spiders *shudders*

100% prefer crickadees to wolfies, wolf spiders are terrifying little monsters who jump back at you, and September is the start of their reign of terror. Ugh.

I make my dad take them out, because no. Just no.

September was also my birthday month - thanks to everyone who sent me birthday messages!

(You can buy me a coffee here, if you wanna, but I'll still love you if you don't!)

For reasons I'm not gonna go into, my birthday wasn't the best this year, so big huge thanks to everyone who sent me a message! It really did brighten things considerably 😊

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So, that's September! How was yours?

Talk to me! 😘💬

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  1. That story was adorable! Perhaps the little critter gravitated towards you because it could sense your good energy :)

    1. Lol, not sure how good my energy is when I'm that hot and pi**ed off! Insects seem to like me lately, idk. What I do know is that I can't leave crickadees around where my cats can find them! :)

  2. I loved your pet cricket story LOL (I...don't fare well with bugs of ANY kind - my skin literally crawls when I see one up close...).

    It was (still is ) way too hot here, too...and here we're heading towards November. And I hear you...the heat unleashes my inner demon 🥵 👿.

    Happy belated birthday (sorry it wasn't the best) and take care!

    1. I live next to a woods - a certain degree of tolerance to nature of all types is required. Plus, I grew up with them, y'know? Which is why I also scoop up frogs to rescue them from my cats - which freaks my mother out no end.

      And thank you! :)


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