Wednesday 9 September 2020

Month In Review(s) - August 2020


August was way too hot - I'm too Welsh for this cr*p!

Seriously, I melt above 24C. That's plenty enough for me. So between 27C and 30C is literal hell to me. Thank God it's cooled down a butt-tonne now.

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Anywho, I cut back on blogging in August (and you can see how that went here,) but I somehow wrote more reviews and bookish content than I have in a long time *shrugs*

I wrote 2 whole reviews dearest nerdlets! In one month! Lol.

I can't really think of anything else to say, tbh. So let's take a look at August on Dora Reads:

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Mildly Amusing Searches

A semi-regular feature inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury, and other bloggers

harry potter gets stuck in a cupboard fanfiction drarry

harry potter fanfiction claustrophobia drarry

...This is something you all want consistently and I don't understand why. Still, I gotcha covered.

And while you're here, a reminder that there's an awesome UK charity called Mermaids that supports Trans kids- maybe follow their socials and support their work, donate if you can, etc.

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-Binary people are people who exist outside the M/F gender binary, and can use whatever labels and pronouns they feel comfortable with.

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Non-Review Posts

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Review Posts

Young Adult

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So that was August. How was yours?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Oh my God I feel so sorry for you -- that is way way way too hot! I live in the American South and we have temperatures like that all the time but we also have central air so it's not the same thing. Oh, you poor thing. I will keep a good thought for it to get cooler for you soon.

    1. It's a lot cooler now (thank God!) We've been getting these extreme heatwaves more and more over recent years, it's horrible. The humidity was between 70% and 100% for quite a few days. We're not built for this, and it's been happening to a scary degree. Our buildings are set up for storms and winter temperatures of 4C to -4C, not for these random occurances of a few days to a week of blistering heat and suffocating humidity!

      ...Sorry, that turned into a rant. I'm really not a nice person in the heat! <3

  2. I'm glad it has cooled down a bit for you now! We are well into fall over here. The weather has been super chilly and rainy, although I am someone who gets cold really easily so I might want to take your 30 degree heat haha!

  3. I too am happy that the temps have cooled to your liking--as someone who loses feeling in my fingers and toes very quickly at air temps 15 degrees C or less (I converted F just for you LOL), summer in Michigan is my favorite season and I'm dreading the upcoming "cold" next week as we plow into fall. August was crazy for us with so many changes with school here, but this month it's settling down a bit. Just wish people would wear their masks and wear them properly.

    1. 15C is considered a nice warm day here! (And thanks for converting! Lol.)

      September for us is... well, I'm in local lockdown, and so is half the country, tbh. Things aren't going great. Still, I'm ok, and fingers crossed so is my family <3


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