Friday 4 June 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: The Queer Umbrella (Academy)


Yes, it's June! Which means that here on Dora Reads I stop pretending that fanfiction is anything other than Queer af, and go all-out with my Pride Fics Fest.

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What better way to kick off this year's Pride Fics Fest than with superhero TV show The Umbrella Academy (TUA)?

TUA is super Queer (pun very definitely intended,) and more than willing to give us two canonically Queer main characters in our superhero family ensemble.

Because this is fanfiction, I'll be looking at IDs which are both canon and not canon.

(Fandom notes: 

canon = the official stuff in the book/film/TV series/whatever.)

As always when I do an amalgamation-rec/rec-list-type post, the Content Warnings for each fanfic will be in the original rec'ing post (which I'll link.)

Remember to also check the tags the fic author provides, and read safe!

Our first fic, my dearest darling nerdlets, is everything i know by movements.

This is a fic exploring Klaus' Gender Non-Conformity (GNC) - which is canonic - and his exploration of his gender expression.

It's cute and affirming af, and I totally love it.

(Original rec'ing post here)

Klaus (Robert Sheehan) to Ben (Justin H Min): Being smart doesn't make you interesting. Ben to Klaus: Neither does your beard
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Now, we all know that Klaus is a legend, so a fic where he and Ben are raising a smol Non-Binary (NB) ghost child? Was def. going to provoke grabby-hands on my fic-hungry part!

A Minor Complication by kattahj is a novel-length fic that just works, somehow. 

Jordan - said NB ghost child - is an amazing OC, and it all hangs together in an actual semblance of growth and plot! (Lol.)

(Original rec'ing post here.)

(Fandom notes: 

OC = Original Character, a character which is invented by the fic author, and is not from the media the fic is based on.)

Want some Trans Person of Colour (PoC) rep? 

Leaving canon firmly behind, Who You Gonna Call...? by riverwrenwrites is basically a crime novel, featuring TUA's Latinx sibling, Diego Hargreeves; this fic reimagines Diego as a Trans man.

He's also a detective here, and brothers who can talk to the dead are helpful with that, so he ropes in our dear Klaus for help with the case (allowing some canonic M/M awesomeness between Klaus and Dave also!)

(Original rec'ing post here.)

Klaus (Robert Sheehan): Wait a tick, wait a tick.
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More Klaus-related gender-exploration in you have three sisters today by knightofcauldrons!

This fic imagines Klaus as Gender-Fluid, and existing in the world, in the context of his dysfunctional yet loving family.

It's a great fic!

(Original rec'ing post here.)

For Dave and Klaus loved-up awesomeness, I have not one but two fics for you!

He Was Always Scared by EyesOfCrows features the Hargreeves being super-protective of Klaus over this Dave guy who seems to be hanging around.

Please check the tags and the original rec'ing post (here) for this one.

And Love in an Elevator by Anglophile_Rin is a fun rom-com style fic where Klaus and Dave meet in... well, an elevator!

(Original rec'ing post here)


(BTW, I'm totally on the lookout for good Queer-affirming Vanya fics, if you have any!)

Do you know of any awesome Vanya fics?

Is there any specific fanfiction rep you want me to (try to) find?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Happy Pride, Cee! I can't say I know of any good Vanya fics, but I'll just write that I continue to love Elliot Page in everything that he does.

    1. Thanks Em! And yes, Elliot Page is awesome af! :) <3


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