Wednesday 9 June 2021

Month in Review(s) - May 2021

(Warning: this post discusses Coronavirus/Covid 19)

May was one of those in-betweeny months - as lots of months have seemed to be lately.

Here in Wales we had a Senedd/Parliament election, allowing Mark Drakeford (aka everyone's uncle,) to form another consecutive government, and giving him the mandate to continue with his cautious Covid approach.

It also means that while Labour's struggling nationally, Welsh Labour are the strongest they've ever been. 

Which means that while England is increasingly voting for the Conservative party (the party our current Prime Minister Boris Johnson leads,) which is the party on the right of UK politics, Wales are sat here being a Socialist democracy and happy with it!

(This is your regular reminder that Socialism =/= Communism, Communism is a form of Socialism.)

'May - Mai' with pink flower on the right-hand side

The gap between England and the rest of the UK in terms of culture and attitudes seems to be widening.

Scotland have now voted in a government whose main objective is Scottish independence (...if you leave, please take us with you - one Celtic nation to another.)

So yeah - I won't go on about politics any more, but the 'United' Kingdom is... not so unified right now.

Voting with Covid restrictions in place was more than a bit weird.

Like, our pleidleisio/polling station is a church hall - and there's just something odd about perspex screens and hand sanitiser in that setting!

Plus we got to take our own pens! (If you've ever been in a UK polling station, you'll know how revolutionary that is.)

I got my first Covid vaccine!

And I managed to hold off from crying until I reached the carpark afterwards! Woo!

As I wrote in a post before-hand, I really hate needles. So this was a big thing for me. (And I bribed myself with ice-cream for afterwards - eyes on the prize!)

Seriously, everyone who has the opportunity - please get the vaccine.

It's the only way this is gonna stop. It's the only way people are gonna stop dying.

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And that's May! How was yours?

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. I don't know much about UK politics, but from what I do know, it does seem a little messy right now, especially with Boris Johnson. In our next election the country might move to Conservative which I am very concerned about. We always have to do our part and vote!

    1. *laughs hysterically* - so many centuries of cultural and political mess leading to our current situation. I think I speak for a lot of Welsh people when I say we can't rely on the UK government to look out for us, or even just to not requisition our medical supplies, any more. (Yes, they pressured a pharmaceutical company into giving them tests instead of us, when we already had a contract with said company, and they (as far as I know,) did not. Totally 'United' Kingdom.)

      I literally know nothing about Canadian politics beyond the odd info. about relations with the Indigenous communities I glean via Twitter, and that Trudeau is your dude in charge. But yes, always vote! Voting is a right that's been fought for for centuries, and one we should never take for granted! <3

  2. Yay for getting your first vaccination! I labeled my "shot" day BEST DAY OF MY LIFE on the calendar because at the time it felt like a life saver and perhaps it was. I know the relief of finally getting to take your shot and cried when an appointment finally opened up. I really dislike politics as it seems it only gives people issues to argue about instead of working together. It frustrates me. I hope you did get a big ice cream reward after facing the needle!

    1. Ha, it's uber-important to get vaccinated. But I wouldn't say I was looking forward to it! (Ice-cream though, for the win!)

      The Senedd/Welsh Parliament is actually more about constructive opposition than most - one of our opposition parties, Plaid Cymru, are perfectly willing to praise the Welsh Government when they're doing the right thing, and come up with suggestions when they disagree. The Conservatives, our other opposition party, are less constructive, but still more happy to work with their political opponents than their UK parliament counterparts. Generally speaking, throughout Covid we've just been glad we have the Senedd protecting and looking out for us, rather than Westminster (the UK government.)


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