Wednesday 9 November 2022

Month In Review(s) - October 2022

Warning: this post discusses spiders - no pictures of spiders though, because I wouldn't do that to myself. 

I also briefly discuss illegal drugs because I like variety, apparently.

October was... pretty good, all in all.

I mean... the UK economy collapsed, followed by the UK government, and everything feels a bit like a slow-motion breakdown of society, so... that wasn't good.

Still, apart from all that, October was pretty good.

'October - Hydref' with a pumpkin background

I had a few off moments mental-health-wise, and a minor migraine or two.

Compared to a lot of this year, though, that's freaking amazing 😅

Also, the wolf spiders have decided that it's their personal goal to torment me this year. Ugh. 

I know we're lucky in the UK in that none of our native species are dangerous, but spiders in general are still pretty damn scary - and wolf spiders are the scariest. 

You see them mostly between September and November. They're big, they jump, they're fast, and they're aggressive.

...And they feel the need to be in my goddamn bedroom.

I live extremely close to a wood and October was very much a month where the woods encroached into my garden.

It's great - we see a lot of wildlife, and we have a lot of wildflowers and plants at the back of our garden.

...The thing is, when you get distracted looking up a mushroom or (non-spider) bug that you've never seen before, you end up finding it's two hours later, and you now know way too much about bugs and fungi.

Or at least, that's what happens in my experience 😅 

I fell down so many mushroom and bug-related rabbit holes! Lol.

Turns out most British mushrooms fall into one of two categories: 'makes a tasty dinner' or 'will kill you.' 

The two options usually look very similar, so please don't go around picking mushrooms without really knowing what you're doing.

(And, an update to the law that I didn't know about - magic mushrooms, which were 100% legal in the UK since the dawn of time, are now (and apparently since 2005 - education sucks in this country,) classed as a Class A drug - y'know, like heroin. 

You can go to prison, and everything. *nods sagely*)

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And that's October!

How was yours?

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  1. Glad you had a good October, Cee! Wolf spiders sounds like a nightmare. I have severe arachnophobia. Still, living by a wood must be beautiful during this time of year! I'm sure with the leaves changing, everything must've been so colourful.

    1. Wolf spiders are freaking horrendous - and my girl-cat keeps fighting them. I don't say 'hunting' them, because that would imply that she wins, and she does not - she runs off whenever they jump back at her.

      We don't have the best view of the main body of the woods because there's a farm and fields there, but it's still nice. And my garden is filled with orange brown and red leaves, only some of which come from our hazel trees. (A lot come from the big oak behind my house - as do squirrels, who drop out of it and into our gardens with all the grace of a lead elephant.) I kind of take it for granted that the entire town is at least partly covered in leaves this time of year!


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