Wednesday 3 November 2021

Month in Review(s) - October 2021

(Warning: this post discusses grief, bereavement, Covid 19, mental health, and general existential crises.)

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October was not the easiest month I've ever had - but then, it was far from the hardest, so that's a plus point.

We've been dealing with some of the last admin of my nan's estate, and every time I feel like I've come to terms with her being gone, it's like another gut-punch.

Because I hadn't seen her in-person for so long due to Covid, sometimes it kind of still feels like I'm just waiting for the pandemic to be over, to be able to visit her.

Accepting that I'll never be able to hug her again, after waiting over a year to be able to do so is... difficult.

And of course, me being me and being my #1 own worst critic led to a variety of existential crises about not being 'good enough' 

- which is pretty normal for me, but was dialled up to 11 this month for some reason.

BUT - I did a healthy thing!

I actually talked to another hooman bean when my various existential crises got too much to keep in my head! Woo!

(Well... I had a minor breakdown in my living-room and sobbed and ugly-cried at my mother, who I think understood at least some of my incoherent babbling.) 

And my he-cat, Jango, is actual magic in fuzzy kitty form, so I'm OK. 

(My she-cat, Xena, is also very, very, special - she just has less actual magical powers, and literally slaps me when she's decided I've cuddled her too much. Which is both insulting and mildly hilarious.)

I also hit my seven year blog anniversary on Halloween!


Yes, I have been bugging you all for seven years, and you didn't even have to break a mirror 😉

You can check out my anniversary post here, which, true to form, involved existential crises.

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Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. Sorry I'm late to the catch-up Cee. I'm glad you were able to talk to your mom about your problems. Babbling can be its own unique kind of therapy.

    1. No worries, Em, I don't have a deadline for comments ;) And thanks <3

  2. Congratulations on seven years of blogging! I'm happy you have an outlet for your reading and writing and I appreciate how you share about your personal struggles--I think it helps others to know they aren't alone in this messiness. I'm glad you could talk to your mom--this always helps me to talk to my loved ones too.

    1. Thank you so much <3

      I'm def. plenty messy enough for everyone, lol. <3


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