Tuesday 10 September 2019

Month in Review(s) - August 2019

August was not as hot here in the UK!!!!! 

Thank whatever deity, divine power, or cosmic entity that may be listening!

Don't get me wrong, there were still days which were officially too hot. But there were less of them. *sighs happily*

August - Awst title graphic with a seaside/beach background

Unfortunately, I spent most of August with a cold.

Because I'm one of those people who will catch every virus imaginable after a galandular-fever-like illness screwed my immune system over when I was 16. Good times.

Still, even with a cold I managed to write a book review this month! #StillABookBlogger

At this rate, I might even get through my review backlog within 3 years or so! 😅

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Inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury and others

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- This one's fun because it's so specific!

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How was your August?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. Oh, my friend, it's so good to read your blog again! Dude, so you and I share more than a love for stories because I, too, have a crappy immune system. It got particularly more dramatic after I exposed to some sort of demon flu way back in my early twenties. Anyway. I'm in need of some serious Cee Arr updates. I am off to read some more posts. I hope you are doing well and that you triumphed over the cold/flu/whatever the heck was attacking your poor system.

    1. Dinnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! (Hi! Lol!)

      OMG I catch *everything* - I'm already on to another cold. Did the demon flu at least come with visions of the blood of your enemies?! ;)

      I feel you though, I got flu when I was due to go to uni which resulted in gut convulsions. Which are about as fun as they sound. Then I had something called Labyrinthitis - which is *not* as fun as it sounds!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better, Cee! Ever since it hit September, it has been FREEZING here. I prefer the heat because I am always cold, so I am not dealing well lol.

    1. That sucks! I mean, it wouldn't for me because I think we've established that I don't *do* heat, but I'm assuming the Canadian version of freezing is pretty unpleasant!

  3. My august was definitely chilly. I just can't wait for big blankets, thrilling books, warm scented candles, a new series of Sabrina and faux fur boots and long scarves. I'm not looking forward to any snow. haha <3

    Jess | www.italktogh0sts.blogspot.com

    1. Ha, time to bring out the blankets and warm jumpers! ;)

      I don't mind snow... when it doesn't disrupt anything. Which it tends to!

  4. I hope you’re feeling better! I’m excited for the cooler weather. I hate being hot all the time. Have a great September!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thanks, I've caught another cold, but this one isn't as bad, luckily. OMG I hate the heat! I am sooooo happy that outside right now it's wet and cool!

  5. I liked that August was cooler too, though September's already shaping up to be Too Cold. Never happy, me!
    Hope you feel better soon?

    1. Thanks! I'm just happy it's not hot. Totally happy. I will put up with anything that isn't heat! Lol.

  6. We weren't too hot here either, thought from now on I'll make sure I note what temp scale I'm using LOL. I now feel even more blessed that I don't catch colds too often and I'm saddened that you have to go through that often. I hope your birthday was fun and that you got to do what you really wanted to do on your special day.

    1. Ha, please do! We in the degrees C world get confused and think you're all melting!!!! Lol.

      Thanks very much :)

  7. I had a cold in August too. No fun!!! Our weather's a little crazy right now---still in the 80s (F) some days, which is NOT usual for the end of September in Chicago.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. According to the conversion I just did, 80F is about 26.5C - I'm so goddamn sorry. That's too hot! We're at a nice 14-21C atm, it's warm for September, but it's not *hot* so it's lovely.


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