Wednesday 16 October 2019

Month in Review(s) - September 2019


(This wrap-up isn't late, it's casually timed 😎)

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September was cool.

I had another cold, but that's pretty much my life tbh.

I also had my birthday! Woo! Birthday!

Although, I did have a few mixed feelings this year...

I ended up having a really good day with my parents and brother, at St Fagan's - which is kind of like a living-history museum but also partly a museum-museum.

I love it there - I've been going there since I was teensy, and I even went to school at the schoolhouse there, briefly, when I was a smol Victorian child 😉

(Local kids are cheaper than actors.)

If you ever get chance to go to St Fagan's, you should totally visit! I love it. It's really close to Cardiff (the capital) and has free entry!

(Seriously, Wales tourist board, where's my percentage? 😅)

If you wanna give me a birthday present (for which I will love you forever!) then you can buy me a coffee! 

(Don't worry if you can't afford to - I still love ya!)

I also made September into 'cake month' partially to celebrate my birthday, and mostly to celebrate what would have been my grandfather's 90th birthday 

(...which is why I had those mixed feelings I was talking about!)

Cake month was amazing!

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So that was my September - what about yours?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Happy birthday! Cake month sounds awesome. I love cake! It’s one of my favorite foods. I hope you’re having a good October.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Glad you had a good September! Cake month sounds awesome for people who love cake. (I am in the minority who doesn’t).

    1. Ha, I feel like cake is one of the most neglected major food groups ;)

  3. Happy Birthday tooo yooo!!
    St Fagan's sounds like a fun place to visit. I've never actually visited Cardiff or thereabouts so this would be a good reason to go :-)

    1. There's loooooads of places to visit around Cardiff! The Bay is worth it for the posh stuff and the Senedd (or if you're a Dr Who/Torchwood fan!) and there's Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch, The Principality Stadium (formerly the Millenium Stadium) - and there's loads of shopping in St. David's Centre! If you wanna go to the beach, try Penarth which is just across from the Bay.

      (I'm telling you, they need to pay me!)

  4. St. Fagan's would definitely be on my list to visit. We have a living history village--Greenfield Village--nearby and the farm is actually a working farm with livestock and women cooking and baking in the kitchens over fireplace kettles and on iron stoves. Men plow and sow and reap, and others tend the sheep, cows, etc. It's very cool to watch oxen plow the fields. Anyway, so happy your birthday month was a great one and full of cake!

    1. Cool! There are all different eras represented at St. Fagan's, so it doesn't work as a cohesive *village*, since it covers the past 1000+ years of Welsh life! So there's demonstrations and courses in blacksmithing, and there's a working bakery, but there's also a reconstruction of the court of Llywellyn Fawr, where they sometimes hold medieval banquets!

      (And, of course, there's the school house where the kids get to write with an ink pen, keep your elbows off the desks, and get (fake) caned for speaking Welsh and wear a small wooden block around your neck to show that you've been bad by speaking your own language! Yay, history! Lol.)

      Seriously, though, if you ever find yourself in Wales, you should totally check it out! :)


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