Wednesday 5 July 2023

Month In Review(s) - June 2023

June was too damned hot.

I hate the heat - I'm not built for it.

Ugh. It sucks.

Also, the mountain fires are apparently releasing heavy metals, like lead, from the vegetation, due to Wales' past status as lightly smouldering industrial wasteland.

It's potentially getting into the water supply. Fun times.

...On the plus side, maybe the English won't want our water now. (No, I'm not explaining that one - Google 'Wales water exports,' and once you've done that, Google 'Tryweryn'.)

Title: June - Mehefin. Image: heart drawn in the sand.

Still, we're apparently doing better than the USA and Canada on the wildfires and/or smoke front.


Take care, everyone.

On a personal, non-climate-related, level, not much change from last month:

Challenging, tiring, but no-one - either human or pet - in my life died, nearly-died, or had a life-changing diagnosis.

So I'm calling it a very tired win. 

Blog housekeeping:

Friday Fics Fix was back this month, but Nerd Church took a break for June - so there won't be any of those listed below.

Nerd Church is now back for July.

dividing line

Comics Wrap-Up

Title: Comics Wrap-Up. Background: lined-notebook-style with speech bubbles containing heart symbols

Aesthetic Hang-Ups - Nimona and more

Especially Heartening - Spider-Man says Trans rights and more

I Love The Knight-Dude - Nimona and more

It Needed Some Serious Art Done To It - Kraven the Hunter and more

In The Current World - Secret Invasion and more

Friday Fics Fix

Title: Fics Fix! Background: purple with white lightning bolt shape

There Was Magic Involved and Something Went A Little Weird - MCU fic: Iron-dad and Spider-kid with some fluffy FrostIron tossed in for the hell of it

Argh, The Angst In This One!I mean... it was only a matter of time until I rec'd a novel-length Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fic.

Magic Moments With Sam and Bucky: A Rec List - There are a lot of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) fics which have weird magical aspects.

He's A Pirate, Why Is This Happening?!So... this is also Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) - because I am Gay pirate trash.

Clint Barton Has No Coffee - A time-loop fic where Marvel's Hawkeye is reliving a very stressful day; it also has romance with Bucky Barnes, because why not?

Other Non-Review Posts

Month In Review(s) - May 2023

Poetry: Answers

So, that's June!
How was yours?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. "Challenging, tiring, but no-one - either human or pet - in my life died, nearly-died, or had a life-changing diagnosis.

    So I'm calling it a very tired win."
    How sad that we have to be content with "very tired wins". Plus the heat that makes everything more difficult (I SO hear you about not being built for it...). Hang on!

    1. Thanks Roberta!

      Ugh, it was cooler here over this last week, but now it's hot again... I'm hoping it cools again soon!

  2. I too went on a bit of a break from normal posting in June. Glad you could celebrate some wins (whether big or small) in June :)

    1. Lol, I only took Nerd Church off, I've kind of been rotating which of my regular posts is on break.

      For August I'll probably do a big(ish) break though - give myself some time to plan and organise for once (and maybe some pigs will fly, who knows? Lol.)


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