Thursday 6 December 2018

Month in Review(s) - November 2018

Maybe you should all just assume that it wasn't a good month, unless I tell you differently? 😅

It'll save a lot of time and make me feel like I'm whining a lot less!

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The short version is this:
  • both of my grandparents are still in hospital
  • we honestly thought we were gonna lose my Grampa this month
  • to be honest, we could still lose one or both of them if their health takes a turn for the worse
  • we have to find them a nursing home where they can be together because the level of care they need is now way beyond what we can provide, and there's no way they're living in different homes
  • lots of other work and family stuff
  • my mood in the evenings has been super-low, so I have to work super-hard at the whole self-care deal-y
  • I really need to get more sleep

UPDATE, 11th Dec: Sadly my wonderful grandfather passed away last night

Fun fact: searching for nursing homes in Wales involves us asking questions like 'how are your supply routes?' and 'what's emergency access like in the snow?'

Because geography.

On the plus side, the Welsh Government's care inspection system (Care Inspectorate Wales) are ON POINT.

They have up-to-date and thorough reports for every care and nursing home in the country. If you're in Wales, and looking for a care home, they are seriously invaluable!

If you haven't checked out my Parkinson's Disease post yet, please do!

It would seriously mean so much!

On the blogging side of life, thanks so much to Evelina from Avalinah's Books who joined me for an awesome discussion post on synaesthesia 😊

You should totally check it out - and check out Avalinah's Books too!

I didn't write ANY reviews in November!!!

*gasps* *old time-y ladies fainting from shock, or (more likely,) overly-tight corsetry*

No worries though, dearest nerdlets, I have a plan!

Both my Comics Wrap-Up posts and my Friday Fics Fix posts are going on break in December.

This (theoretically) will give me a much-needed chance to catch up on reviewing!

Also, I might even be able to schedule ahead for once! *slightly hysterical laughter*

Because I literally finish (and sometimes write entire-) posts the night before they go up. And it's getting kinda tiring!

So, while I know the likelihood of me actually blogging-ahead is exceptionally low, a girl's gotta have dreams, right? 😅

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Mildly Amusing Searches

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None of these again this month! What's up with you guys?! 😅

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So that's November!
Are you looking forward to Christmas?
What are your plans for December?
Talk to me! 😃💬

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Last updated: 11th Dec 2018


  1. Sorry about your grandparents. My grandma died a few days ago, so I kind of understand what you’re going through. I’m looking forward to Christmas. I love anything that breaks up the monotony (in a fun way). I hope you have a good December.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. So sorry to hear that AJ! *mega hugs*

      Christmas is awesome! I've always totally loved Xmas! XD <3

  2. So sorry about your grandparents, Cee! Hope you can get some more sleep and feel a lot better.

  3. Hope your grandparents are on the mend. Take it easy and get some rest, Cee!

    I am looking forward to Xmas. I will start xmas shopping next week... it feels like it's coming up too fast!

    1. They're... as good as can be expected currently. Thanks Dinh! <3

      I haven't done any Xmas shopping yet! Argh! Lol.

  4. If you're going to faint, make sure you buy one of those fainting couches! ;)

    I've been reading a lot of comics recently, and have preferred sitting down with them over a book occasionally. It just depends on my mood!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    1. Ha, good plan! (Now if only I had the money to buy one...)

      And fair enough! :) <3

  5. I'm so sorry about your grandfather. I do appreciate your post on Parkinson's because it helped me understand more of what my mom is going through. She has started physical therapy and is starting to notice she feels better. Take care of yourself.


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