Wednesday 31 July 2019

Fanfiction Reading Challenge 2019 Update #1

I figured I’d do an update for the 2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge!

I originally planned on writing and posting this update waaaayyy before now - but life, the universe, and everything got in the goddamned way! Lol.

This challenge is hosted by the lovely Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf, and I picked option 2 – which is a list of types of fics.

2019 Fanfiction Reading Challenge graphic with cat mask and e-reader;

Fanfic Source: Read a fanfic from a different archive/source

Status: Pending

Explanation: OK, I have two major sources for Fanfiction, and I haven’t read outside them yet, so this one is still pending.

Read fanfics from more than 1 or 2 fandoms

Status: Filled

Explanation: I have no self-control when it comes to fanfiction.

I’ve read fics from the following fandoms so far this year: MCU, Arrowverse, Umbrella Academy, Sherlock, Danny Phantom, Harry Potter Universe, Haven… and probably a lot more.

And that’s without splitting things like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) into their individual fics.

'all the things' meme captioned 'Join all the fandoms!'
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A fic that is less than 10,000 words

Status: filled

Explanation: most of the fics I read are less than 10,000 words. I like short fics dammit!

A fic that is more than 50,000 words

Status: Filled

Explanation: I love it when fic writers take things really seriously!

A gen fic

Status: Filled

Explanation: You’d be surprised how many fics are Gen. There can be bloody murder everywhere but as long as there’s no sexy-times, we’re golden! ;)


Status: Filled

Explanation: Even outside crossovers inside universes (if that makes even the least bit of sense,) there’s a lot of crossovers in fanfiction.

I have a pretty sound theory that at some point, every fandom ever has been crossed over with Harry Potter!

Moriarty from BBC Sherlock: Aren't normal people adorable?
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An abandoned fic

Status: Pending

Explanation: I haven’t done this yet. I like completed fics dammit!

Fairy tale

Status: Pending

Slash or Femslash

Status: Filled several times over.

Explanation: Dude, I will forever read M/M and F/F, ok?

All the Gay, dearest nerdlets. All the Gay.

Giraffe with moving rainbow sunglasses gif
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Fanfic starring your OTP

Status: Filled

Explanation: I actually have many, many OTPs, and have def. read about a few of them so far this year!

Canon-compliant fic

Status: Filled

Explanation: I present for the court's viewing, a Jennifer's Body-compliant fic. I've probably read more too, but this was the one that came to mind.

Genderbending Challenge fic

Status: Pending

5+ year old fic

Status: Pending

Explanation: I might have... I don't know. I'm so organised! Lol.

Dr Who (Jodie Whittaker): No idea.
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< 1 year old fic

Status: Filled

Explanation: Dude, most fanfic archives show newest first. And some fandoms I read from are so new they still got the wrappers on!

Time travel fic

Status: Filled

Explanation: Thank you Umbrella Academy and your canonic time travel!

Enemies to Lovers

Status: Filled

Explanation: All the Drarry. And the FrostIron. And probably some other stuff too.

Elmo in front of fire gif/meme
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Script fic

Status: Pending

Unusual character relationships

Status: Filled

Explanation: I’ma assume that friendships count here, and I present Spidey & Loki’s friendship as tribute!

Recursive fanfiction

Status: Who knows?

Explanation: ...I’m still trying to figure out what this actually means! šŸ˜…


Status: Filled

Explanation: It’s fanfiction.

Dan Howells talking about shipping: RUN. Run and never get involved in this.
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Next gen fic

Status: Pending

Coffee Shop AU

Status: Pending

Explanation: I somehow don’t seem to have read Coffee Shop AU this year yet?!

Is the fabric of reality & fandom as we know it going to crumble?!

This might be a mistake, I’ll have to double-check!

Period fic

Status: Filled

Explanation: Thank you, once again, Umbrella Academy!

Evil!Hero OR Good!Villain

Status: Unknown

Explanation: Honestly, I’m not sure what counts here b/c I tend to favour moral grey areas.

Any recommendations for the categories I'm missing?
Are you doing any reading challenges this year? How are they going?
Talk to me! šŸ˜€šŸ’¬

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Last updated: 7th September 2019


  1. I admire your commitment to this challenge! There are no reading challenges fir me this year, but good like with the rest of yours!


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